I was introduced to Danny Sangar by Mark, a local shop-keeper who had already purchased a jaguar from Danny and with whom I had done business for more than 20 years.  I knew that he had two Jaguars and so, when considering buying one for myself, I approached Mark.  He recommended Danny and I duly contacted him.

From the outset Danny was friendly and professional and provided details of available vehicles.  I met him and was able to test the Jaguar XJ8 that he had available, among other similar cars.

He provided me with every assurance as to the vehicles history and condition; which was excellent.  As a car some 14 years old his concern was to ensure there was no rust.  To prove that I probably received more photographs of the underneath of the car than its body and interior.

It was originally sold in Japan and was imported to this country at the beginning of 2018.  Danny took full responsibility for all the statutory arrangements, dealt with all registrations and ensured that I had copies of all relevant official documents of proof of transfer and re-registration. 

In addition I was provided with an inventory of all key aspects of the car and, where relevant, the part numbers.

There were a couple of elements that required attention where the parts had to be sourced.  This Danny did and arranged for a convenient opportunity to present the vehicle to him in West London (I Live in South East London) for the work to be carried out.  This was after I had accepted delivery but he ensured I was kept aware of the progress of his acquisitions.

It is a surprise to me that it is almost a year ago since I first made contact with Danny and I have no hesitation in recommending him, and his enthusiasm for the marque, to anybody for excellent service.

Mr Chris. J.
Vehicle purchased Jaguar X350 3.5 2004
20th January 2019


I searched for an awfully long time to find my 2001 Jaguar xj8 and  mostly because I struggled with trusting who I was buying from and 
understanding the car having had concerns about maintenance etc... Danny was honestly second to none, honest, with absolutely no pressure - so much so when I offered to buy the car I now have he actually asked me to consider it and offered for me to see others before I committed. I have  fallen in love with the car and Danny has provided excellent after sales  as well. Feel free to contact me if you want further reassurance.
Mr Julian C.
Vehicle purchased Jaguar X308 2001


I cannot give high enough praise to Danny. His approach to car sales us refreshing, non pressured and knowledgeable. The XJ300 was presented in top class order. Full explanation of pre sale preparation and progress was exemplary. If your looking for a classic , well looked after Jaguar don't waste your time elsewhere.
Mr Barry W. Jaguar XJ6 3.2 Sport 1995


Excellent customer service. Took the time out to actually help me find a part from a different provider as they did not stock my part! Very kind of the gentleman. Most companies / dealer reply with a simple no and try  to end the phone call as abruptly as possible. Will be my first choice in future if required
Mr Jem M.

I bought my car from JWL about 10 months ago.  It's been really good.  Passed 1st MOT with me 3 weeks ago only needing a £20 part.  I've spent a lot of money on preventative maintenance (all fluids and other items where it will benefit from a re-fresh, 2 sets of new tyres (summer & winter), spare set of wheels for the winters,  waxoyling ) to try to ensure the mechanically keep going to match the Japanese rust free body for another 10~15 years despite me using it as my main car although snow, ice, rain etc in the winter  So far 8,000 miles on and all good apart from a few brittle interior trim parts (aged plastic) but easy to source cheap replacements from scrapped UK cars.  With the combination of the car condition from Japan, JWL's prep and my maintenance work the car now drives like new despite being 17 years old and over 80k miles.   Puts a smile on my face both when I see if on the drive and when i drive it.  3 weeks ago it "let me down" when the bonnet latch failed, which is particularly awkward as you need to open the bonnet to fix it, which you can't ........ all the advice I could find said I needed to drill a hole in the inner wing but then when I posted on FB JWL let me know they could fix it without drilling.  Took it back today and was fixed in 30 mins and the work was done without charge  - fantastic bit of after-sales service !!
Mr Martin J -  Jaguar Cars Coventry 1983 - 2002  Development  Engineer of the AJ26 & AJ27 V8 

Danny sourced the white Jag XJ8 4.2 for me - in excellent condition and delivered with great service.We did have a problem with the suspension - which turned out to be a problem with the parts - the service department completed the work under warranty and explained the issue plus provided pictures of the parts. Danny has also resolved problems I had with another XJ6 - sourced elsewhere, and has provided me with much improved vehicle. Excellent service from both Danny on sales side and Adam on the service side. Thank-you gentlemen.

Mr Colin H  -  Vehicle purchased - Jaguar X350 2003 4.2

I am so pleased I found Jag West London, so is my car! Danny was a pleasure to deal with after a horrendous previous experience with a Jag main dealer. The timing chains had gone on my XKR, he explained the options clearly. Communication throughout was excellent. I also had a bit of paintwork done which again was excellent, Couldn't fault the whole service and the car is running like a dream. Highly recommended.

Brenda H - Jaguar XKR Convertible 2002

Having decided that I wanted to buy a late model Jaguar XJ6, I turned to the Jaguar Enthusiast Club's website and the internet to research the availability of these models. In both cases my attention was drawn to JWL, because of the large choice of vehicles in the category I was looking at and because of the enthusiasm of Danny Sangar's description of his business and the vehicles he was selling. The fact that the vehicles were re-imports from Japan, with their corrosion-free bodies was also an obvious draw. On contacting Danny, I was shown a selection of X358 models, which fitted my requirements. After a test drive, I decided on the spot and made a purchase. The vehicle was prepared for the road by Adam and his team, and they subsequently also fitted new front suspension struts and a new air compressor for the air suspension system. All this was arranged swiftly and competently by Danny, with no request too much trouble for him. I have been driving the car for three months now and am very happy with my choice of vehicle and the dealer. At all times Danny has been friendly and professional and keen to satisfy his customers. I recommend him and JWL without hesitation.

Mr Michael N – Jaguar X358 2009 3.0 V6 Petrol

Whilst looking for a good condition X350/X358 XJR I cam across Jag West London who had a good selection of this particular model. Initially apprehensive about purchasing a Japanese import my mind was put at rest after my first conversation with Danny. He is a true Jaguar enthusiast with a vast knowledge of the marque. Upon inspecting the particular car that I was interested in it was obvious that all the vehicles were as described over the phone. Needless to say a deal was struck and a few weeks later I was wafting around in a stunning low mileage pacific blue XJR. There is no pressure from Danny to sell you the car, I would compare it more to two friends discussing a shared passion for these beautiful motor cars. I can thoroughly recommend Jag West London and my experience has been that nothing has been too much trouble.

Mr Sean H - Jaguar XJR X350 4.2 2004