I was introduced to Danny Sangar by Mark, a local shop-keeper who had already purchased a jaguar from Danny and with whom I had done business for more than 20 years.  I knew that he had two Jaguars and so, when considering buying one for myself, I approached Mark.  He recommended Danny and I duly contacted him.

From the outset Danny was friendly and professional and provided details of available vehicles.  I met him and was able to test the Jaguar XJ8 that he had available, among other similar cars.

He provided me with every assurance as to the vehicles history and condition; which was excellent.  As a car some 14 years old his concern was to ensure there was no rust.  To prove that I probably received more photographs of the underneath of the car than its body and interior.

It was originally sold in Japan and was imported to this country at the beginning of 2018.  Danny took full responsibility for all the statutory arrangements, dealt with all registrations and ensured that I had copies of all relevant official documents of proof of transfer and re-registration. 

In addition I was provided with an inventory of all key aspects of the car and, where relevant, the part numbers.

There were a couple of elements that required attention where the parts had to be sourced.  This Danny did and arranged for a convenient opportunity to present the vehicle to him in West London (I Live in South East London) for the work to be carried out.  This was after I had accepted delivery but he ensured I was kept aware of the progress of his acquisitions.

It is a surprise to me that it is almost a year ago since I first made contact with Danny and I have no hesitation in recommending him, and his enthusiasm for the marque, to anybody for excellent service.

Mr C. J.
20th January 2019